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Dear Startup Founder,

In last few years, I have witnessed over a thousand Pitch Decks and have a thorough understanding of what it takes to develop a successful pitch deck. Pitch Deck is the first document that narrates the story of your startup journey to the investors. And needless to say, your first impression has to be extraordinarily good for investors to want to take the next step.

Having said this, it pains me to see that less than 10% of the pitch decks are impressive and succeeds in narrating a compelling story.

Therefore, I am offering a FREE service to evaluate your pitch deck and give my opinion on how effective and compelling your pitch deck is.

I sincerely believe that, as a startup founder, you will find this endeavor valuable and useful in assessing how far is your pitch deck effective in creating a lasting impression amongst investors.

Wishing you good luck,

Nayan Bheda

Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor & Award Winning Mentor

Submit your pitch deck and see what chances you have to impress investors. Our team of professionals who have 5+ years of experience in startup industry will evaluate and help you to make good presentable pitch deck.

Pitch Deck

Thanks for submitting!



  • Pitch Deck should not be more than 20 MB file.

  • Your pitch deck will be evaluated by experts under the guidance of Nayan Bheda.

  • We prefer ppt format.

  • We will not make changes. We will only evaluate your pitch deck and email you our expert opinion.

  • This service is for evaluation purpose only. Our experts will not make any changes.

  • Usually we revert back in 7 working days.

  • We will not be liable for any delay, damage or liability arising out of availing this service.

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